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Aug 29, 2002

2003 AMA Superbike Rules: 1000cc Fours Not For Sure

Copyright 2002, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.<BR><BR>AMA Pro Racing may be backing away from plans to phase in 1000cc four-cylinder Superbikes for 2003.<BR><BR>A memo dated August 27 from AMA Pro Director of Competition Merrill Vanderslice to members of the Road Race Advisory Board included the statement, "AMA Pro Racing is reviewing its position on equipment eligibility for 2003, and may not allow eligibility of 1000cc multi's (sic) in AMA Superbike competition during the 2003 season. We expect to announce our 2003 and 2004 rules in September 2002."<BR><BR>The memo also contained confirmation that members of the Advisory Board, which is hand-picked by Vanderslice and has been criticized as being non-representative of the paddock and as being stacked with factory team and manufacturer representatives, will vote on rules proposals. <BR><BR>The memo also seems to indicate that the only input being considered at this stage of rules development is input from the Advisory Board.<BR><BR>The memo states "There was general agreement on many suggestions. The revised proposed rules...reflect those suggestions. On other items, opinions were split. Here, we have narrowed the options to the most prominent alternatives and ask that you reconsider your position on those matters. Ultimately, AMA Pro Racing staff and its Board of Directors will determine the technical rules based on your input and the effect those rules have on meeting our objectives of balanced and affordable competition for the greatest number of participants."<BR><BR><BR>Note the phrase "based on your input" above.<BR><BR>The question is, of course, if the objective truly is "balanced and affordable competition for the greatest number of participants," who represents Superbike privateers such as Brian Parriott, Brian Livengood and others, and who represents private teams such as No Limits Racing in this final stage of the process?<BR><BR>And given that the membership of the Advisory Board is not publicized, how is an individual rider or team owner even supposed to know who to contact to express his point of view?<BR><BR>Stay tuned...
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