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Last shot from FDIC. I promise! It was such a great week of education, fitness, and competition. #FDIC2015
2 days ago via Instagram
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When: 4/09
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Not a bad place to spend a Monday night in April.
20 days ago via Instagram
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Final four👌
22 days ago via Instagram
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#dragonmotorsports #weekendwords #indysx @mdavalos47 "Today started off just trying to get through the day. I've been struggling with my health since January, I felt like I couldn't recover. I figured after I broke my foot and had so much time off that my body was just trying to adjust again. I didn't have any adrenaline or fire in me and that's not me; I usually have too much of that. I went to the doctor to get checked out and I have a flare of epstein barr. That kind of put my body into a shock and my blood levels are insufficient. I'm just trying to get myself back going and I don't want to get worse. I'm struggling with energy and my adrenal glands aren't working. I told myself today that I would save myself for the main and that's exactly what we did. I got a great start in the main, the bike was working awesome, but I'm just not on point. I'm making little mistakes and not really clearing stuff like I should. That kind of took me off the podium, I feel like I could have been on
41 days ago via Instagram
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