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2 Reviews
Niko Oakley says:
Qualified for Unidella, NY (Loretta Lynns) at High Point raceway However wasn't happy about the race...... The track was extremely muddy due to the rain, I loved that part, But they made the 50cc class wait til the end, then, even though it was a qualifier, gave the parents a choice whether they wanted the 50cc to race one moto or two motos. My dad and my friends dad said two (which is the right choice) but everyone else just wanted one race. So the guy that gave the parents a choice agreed with the one time, because I think he just wanted to get out of there. So do I think I could have done better the second moto, of course... b/c I didn't know the track and by the second race I would have been more used to it......Racing is not about just getting it over with... you train hard and you want the chance to do your best!.....
The Good:
The track is awesome muddy!
The Bad:
They changed the race order b/c of the mud for the 50cc class and then only let them race one moto... when we should of raced two
keep the rules (especially for qualifiers) the same... racers work to hard to only be able to race once. You want to be a racer you have to take the good with the bad!
Eddie Tautkus says:
This track is really awesome, but only when it doesn't rain. Otherwise it's just a battle to finish the race. I went to the Regionals here last year and it was brutal. Other than that though, it is a great track to run at least once in a blue moon.
The Good:
Really technical and fast paced. Great for leveling out the competition.
The Bad:
Gets wicked muddy and really tough to run through and the mud is so heavy.
Go on a weekend where you know it isn't going to rain or get the start.