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Got the new spy's @spyoptic Pc: @trevy701
12 days ago via Instagram
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The things we do in math class @spyoptic
23 days ago via Instagram
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I ain't moving till I'm done eating @erikrefsdal @dante_lista @brendan9833 @brandonray__ @its_kimia @wingsnthings
69 days ago via Instagram
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Spring BMX Edit Teaser  - Hey guys! this is me (Nick) and Gavins 2nd channel, we used to be Winchestersk8 but now we are bmxwinchester. this is a little teaser to my edit (by teaser i mean this is all i got so far) plus we also need more footage. so i hope to finish by the end of this week! (All photo Creds go to Gavin) This edit is on behalf of my sponsorships, Fuel Clothing, SteelMX, TSG Saftey Gear, Defiance Clothing, and Surface Sun Systems. Rider: Nick Bautista Filmer: Gavin Block Editor: Nick Bautista
19 months ago
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just a all out ride day. bring your balls!
When: 12/22 at 12:00 PM
With: Matthew branco Alex Nava
23 months ago 
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It was a fun session and did a ten stair for the first time.
When: 9/10 at 12:00 AM for 3 hours
38 months ago  |  More about this session
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